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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Semester Spotlight #4

It's over... the semester that was by far the best one of my university experience yet.  After two years I'm pretty sure I have university life pretty much down pat (but hey there's always more to learn.) As with my other semester spotlights, I am going to hope that I order my highlights chronologically

#1 McLean Scene 
This past semester I started a second radio show on chmr with my wonderful best friend, Hanaa. It is called McLean, after the late host of Viynal Cafe, Stuart McLean. Our show is a storytelling show with different themes each show. During the Winter semester, the show aired live every second Wednesday from 4-5pm. Once the Spring semester starts, I plan to go live weekly; same day and time. I've had a handful of my pals on the show, like Josh, Renee, Warren, Ally, Ely, and Jasmine. I'm excited to see what is in McLean's future, and I plan to keep the show running for the entire time I'm at MUN.

#2 A new SAGA
In January I started volunteering with MUN SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Advocacy), MUN's LGBTQIA2SP+ student resource centre. I mentioned my involvement with SAGA briefly in my last blog post, however, my participation has increased since then. I became an official volunteer, spending a lot of my free time at the centre and hanging with my awesome friends who are also involved. We've been on many adventures from going downtown to cutting footloose at Queer Prom. The SAGA peeps are one of my favorite groups of people to spend time with. Oh, can't forget to mention that I'm SAGA's Director of Resources now which is hella exciting, it's gonna be a great year.

#3 Alex Trebek? Naw.
Going to trivia at Bitter's on Thursdays has become a more regular occurrence this past semester, as my team goes almost weekly. Believe it or not, we do place in the top three /sometimes/. It's extra fun when a pair of my friends decide to host, even if they do have a subway station and Austrailian sports categories *cough* Callum and Warren *cough*.  Adam and I hosted one week in January, which was fun. We're hosting again next month.

#4 B r e a k i n g
The first weekend of February, a few of us from MUN Debate went to Mount Allison University in New Brunswick for an invitational debate tournament. Hannah and Luke teamed up, Nic went as a judge and I partnered with Noah (who is at UoT for grad school, but he came to debate with me anyway). It was great seeing my debate pals from other universities, and debate tournaments are always a good time. However, this one was extra special because (after a mix up) Noah and I made the semi-finals! Which was a first for me. We lost to Hannah and Luke in the semis and placed fourth, but heck it was still a really awesome weekend and it was nice to see Noah again.

#5 "This is St. John's" 
I'd like to thank Warren for introducing me to another cool group of people, and inviting me to come aboard the fogbank radio crew. Our team of audio producers is growing, and we even have our own office at the Neal Building. Others involved in this project include RenĂ©e, Angus, Stephanie, and Michelle. I'll be rebroadcasting McLean on fogbank's RSS feed, and maybe even a radio drama and a mini-podcast series. The site is subscribe to listen to some local and unique podcasts.

#6 Managing Campaigns 
This year, Hanaa decided to try and take her MUNSU involvement to the next tier and run for Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications, and Research. She was going up against a well-liked and well-known opponent with more experience on the board, but that didn't stop us. We made buttons, posters, hung a banner, got our friends and others to vote for Hanaa (she got 300+ votes which is pretty good considering how many students don't actually care about these elections). She didn't win, though we gave it our all and we're not gonna give up.

This semester has 100% been my best one yet, in all aspects of university life. It's been rough for my first few semesters, but I believe it's only up from here, and now that I figured out what is on the go in many areas, I can apply my new knowledge and keep tracking through my degree, learning and applying new skills along the way.