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Monday, December 25, 2017

Semester Spotlight #3

It has been a while since I have blogged, but I'll mainly blame that on the fact that this semester has been full and busy as heck. They say that in university, every semester gets better. I can confirm, that in my case at least, it is true. This past semester has been better than the entirety of last year, both academically and socially. I'm not even sure which highlight to start with, so I'll just go in what I hope is chronological order.

#1 Cluett Hall Season 2
The school year started with moving back to res. Not much has changed in that department from last year, and I even had the same room, 5028a. My roomie Lexi is pretty cool, and we get along well. I'll miss her when I move to Burton's Pond next semester, hopefully, I'll still see her around. I won't miss going to the dining hall though. See ya, Cluett; it's been a great few terms.

#2  Eight Rounds, Ten Questions Each
This semester, I've taken a liking to another hobby, trivia. Every Thursday there's trivia at Bitter's (the graduate student bar on campus) and it's hosted by different people who volunteer each week. Once again, I have Kyle to thank for introducing me to his trivia team, a group that welcomed me with open arms, and that I've grown to love over the past few months. Ely and I hosted one-week last month, and it went well. I'm not sure if our motifs and puns were appreciated from all the teams, but that's no biggie ehehehehehe. We may not win often, but it's still fun and that's all that matters.

#3 Clairelore
After a year and a half, I have finally (mostly) figured out what I want to study. I fell in love with the field of folklore after a couple weeks into my first folklore courses and declared folklore as my major. I also love hanging out and working in the archive, so if I have a lot of work to do and you're looking for me, MUNFLA on the fifth floor of the education building is likely where you'll find me (wallowing away as I transcribe an interview). Now I just gotta figure out if I'm gonna keep my political science minor, or declare a second major in communication studies, stay tuned.

#4 Debate is Great
I am now the vice president internal of my favorite society, MUN Debate. We had a good fall semester. Hanaa (my best friend and lovely vp external) and I were at the society fair, and we also got logo pins made. We obtained a handful of pretty cool new members, such as Thanes, Peter, Austin, Michael, Julia, and Luke. A couple of teams traveled to Novices at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia for the novice tournament. Jim and Austin won overall, while Julia and I didn't place dead last so that's a win in my book. It was nice seeing my debate pals from other universities, and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that they remembered me. I have good vibes for the society next semester, and debating continues to be one of my favourite hobbies.

#5 Sixth Floor Spaces 
I mentioned the debate/model UN office in a previous semester spotlight blog, but as it's currently under renovations, I haven't been hanging out there this semester. Instead, I've been loitering/hanging in the SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Advocacy) and ISC (International Student) resource centres. They are across the hallway from each other. Thanes and Nasomi are on the ISC executive and a handful of my friends (like Derek and Adele) are on the board and/or volunteer with SAGA. I've met some pretty amazing people this semester, who I love spending time with. We've had many adventures throughout the fall, and I'm looking forward to our future shenanigans (and advocacy of course).

#6 Video Didn't Kill chmr 
"...Then one day, this random and weird Brit (who I met at Adam's) was talking about radio. I like radio and I hope to be a journalist someday. Through one thing and another, I was invited on as a cohost. I had mixed feelings because it was really nice to be on air and have the airwaves to ourselves. On the other hand, his show World Folkus is a pile of doo doo. The music is lame and the hosting is appalling. It was fun, and my show, Anecdote Epitome is going to be so much better."
That's what Warren told me when I mentioned that this blog post would have a blurb about hosting a radio show. What he said is very wrong, and I adore hosting World Folkus with Warren and Josh. (It airs Tuesdays at 5pm on 93.5fm or online if you wanna listen.) I've wanted to get involved chmr since I started at MUN but never had the courage to go through with it, until last month.  After surviving a one-hour solo run, I am all trained and ready to host my storytelling show, Anecdote Epitome, with Hanaa starting in the winter. (That'll be Wednesdays at 4pm.) Hosting has become a new favourite hobby of mine, and I love hanging out at the station. I think it's a little piece of the campus that often goes unappreciated, and I do thank Warren for giving me the guts I needed to hop on the radio scene.

This semester didn't go as smoothly as I hoped, but the more time I spend in university the more I learn. I'm looking forward to next semester, and I know it's gonna be my best one yet.