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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why I Love My Mom

In a couple months, it'll be nineteen years since a wonderful and amazing woman brought me into this vast world. Her name is Carol Anne Clarke, and this blog post is dedicated to her in honour of Mother's Day.

With that, I present to you a list of reasons why I love my mom, and why she's such a great person.

I  Love How Creative she Is

When you work around a crowd of five-year-olds for six hours, five days a week, you have to make sure that they're entertained and having fun. Mom is the master of fun, and she's always using her creativity to keep her kindergarteners engaged and interested. She's also very crafty, and I'm very thankful for her help with my Historica and science fair backboards in elementary and junior high. She can also write songs ( throwback to Dad's 50th birthday party) and poems.When something doesn't work, she can be counted on to find another way to do it.

I Love Her Advice and How Helpful she Is

Whenever I'm unsure of something, life-related or school related, Mom is always only a phone call or a visit to St. Lawrence away. She's a voice of reason in my often overactive and irrational mind. At times when I think something is a good idea, she'll give me at least three reasons why it's not, and the conversation usually ends with me saying "Hmm, yeah good point." She's up for helping me with school work like french things or helping me edit a paper. Her patience and teacher-like traits play an important part in her being such a good listener and tutor.

I Love How she's so Fun-Loving

Clarkes are fun people in general, but Mom exercises her fun-loving trait more than the average person. I mean, you kind of have to be fun when you're a kindergarten teacher. She loves to dance (and sing) to the songs on Jerrett's playlist. She loves to go on adventures (like to Marble Mountain with the fam) and goof around. Her sense of humour can put a smile on her face, and she sometimes can be witty. My Mom is living proof that you're never too old to have fun..... I guess that's a trait she inherited from Nan.

I Love How Supportive she Is

No matter what Jerrett and I want to do, Mom will support it. She's almost always at my brother's sporting events, even if it means going to the west coast of the island for a BPSA game to giving him and his friends rides to games and practices. She's attended our drama plays, my public speaking things and my cadet events. The list can go on, but if I was to write out everything Mom supports Jerrett and me in, I'd be writing an awfully long time. She didn't bat an eye when I told her I declared political science as my major, and she continues to support my new found passion for debating. Mom has always supported me in 'following my dreams' (as cheesy as it is) and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I Love How Much she Loves her Family

Mom is a very family orientated person, whether it be the Clarkes or Edwards, she's among the first to RSVP to family events and will offer any help if needed. She keeps in regular contact with her siblings (she can talk on the phone with Aunt Julie for hours) and often visits Nan, never missing a supper in Joeharbour. Family vacations are always a good and memorable time, no matter if it's Marble Mountian for a few days of skiing or going to Toronto at the end of the summer. She loves to spend time with her family, and I do too.

I Love Everything About Her

There's not one thing I'd change about Mom, she's perfect the way she is. Along with ll the things listed above, she's caring, funny, smart, optimistic, bubbly, content and courageous. She raised me well, and I'll be forever in debt for everything she did for me. I'd also like to thank my Nan for giving birth to such an amazing woman, I or Mom wouldn't be here without her.

I could list out more things I love about Mom, but as I said, I'd be writing for a long time. My Mom has and contiues to go above and beyonhd her duites of a mother for Jerrett and I, and I would't be who I am today without her,

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhis much. 


  1. This is absolutely lovely and now I have tears in my eyes :)

  2. omg omg omg this is so cute im dyin