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Monday, March 27, 2017

That's a Whip!

There's no doubt that everyone's first year at university is crazy and an eye-opening experience. It certainly was for me, and I've learnt many things I'm never going to forget.

The purpose of this blog post, Honourable Speaker (see that little bit of foreshadowing there?) is to highlight the impact that joining MUN Debate had on me, and of course, that is nothing but a positive one.

Coming into MUN, like a person would be, I was pretty nervous and well lost. During the first couple of weeks, in particular, I found it typically hard to "come out of my shell" and my confidence was shaky.

Once I rolled into the debate room, an odd sense of "I got this" came over me. (After I spent roughly seven minutes poking my head in and out of the doorway.) I just decided to hop right into debating at my first meeting, and Noah volunteered to be my partner. (Thanks for that by the way, it was much appreciated.) I managed to fill most of my speaking time and I didn't piss my pants so that was a win for me.

Since then, I've been debating a lot, certainly more than the average first year. I've also dragged my close friend Hanaa into the society, and she enjoys it as well. The people in MUN Debate are some of my favourite people I've met since university started, and whenever I'm hanging with them I'm guaranteed a good time. (Just wait until after July hehe.) Everyone in debate has been nothing but friendly and helpful, and I have a spot in my heart for each and every one of them.

Throughout the year, I feel like I have become better and more confident with my debating, and myself in general. (Though I still have a long way to go yet.) I can't exactly describe the feelings that a person obtains when they finally find their niche or find a group of people that they really feel a click with. I do, however, know that these feelings include enthusiasm, contentment, passion, acceptance and satisfaction. Oh, and I can't forget friendship. (Good Lord that was cheesy.)

I don't have one single amount of regret about joining the debate society (thanks for suggesting it, Liam) and I plan to stick around for as long I'm in university. Debating quickly became a favourite hobby of mine, and I am 100% okay and happy with that.

A good chunk of my fondest memories from the past couple of semesters come from MUN Debate Atlantics in Halifax with Jim, Noah and Selma being one of the biggest and a favourite. I'm sure throughout the years many more memories will be made.

(Also shout out to everyone I met at Atlantics, you're all pretty cool and I can't wait for future tournaments.)

To everyone in debate, thanks for guiding my way in this new world and for being an awesome group of friends.

To Liam, thanks for suggesting that I join, you're the real MVP.

To Noah and Selma, I wish you guys the best of luck in your future endeavours, and I'll miss seeing you guys when the fall semester rolls around, oh, and keep in touch.

To MUN Debate Society, thanks for giving me something to look forward to during the week (aka a reason to enjoy Mondays) and something I can rely on to be consistent.

It was a great year, and I'm pumped and looking forward to see what next year will bring.