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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Magnificent Little Things

I can't believe I'm almost through my first semester. Time flies when you're studying, debating and well just being a student as a whole.
Ask any student, and they will confirm that no matter what school you go to, it can and does often get stressful.
I've recently finished reading a book called 'The Book of Awesome Things." by Neil Pasricha (who also created and it inspired me to make my own list of things that never fail to make me happy. Here's my "Magnificent Little Things."

#1 Talking to Friends Back Home
This one is pretty straightforward. There's nothing better than calling Mel to tell her about something funny and/or interesting that happened that day, or calling Emily and getting the scoop on what's happening back in St. Lawrence. I could honestly stay on the phone for hours and hours (but I never have time to waste, no matter what you're doing in university you know you should be working lol.) It's a great remedy for homesickness and loneliness, cause no matter what I'm stressed about or if I'm having a bad day, I know I can count on my friends to cheer me up and make me momentarily forget about my stress. Thanks guys, I love all of you lots.

#2 Plopping on the Bed After a Busy Day
One of the best feelings ever is getting back to my room after a day of covering every corner of campus. It's the days where I tell myself "Yeah I'm totally taking the stairs more often." But by the time I arrive back at Cluett and end up taking the elevator because I can't be arsed to climb five flights of stairs. When I'm back to my dorm, I'll drop everything and dramatically let myself fall onto my bed. I'll lay there for some time before I have to get up and work again (sometimes I stay in bed longer than I should) but after that cat rest I feel refreshed and it's awesome!

#3 Mastering a Song on the Guitar
I'm pretty sure every musician every can relate to this little thing. Studies show that it's actually impossible to be anything but content and happy while playing an instrument. Okay, you caught me... it's actually not a study but I believe it to be 100% true. When I finally get the hang of a song I feel a wave of accomplishment wash over me, and I smile and celebrate that mini victory. No matter if you're playing alone or with other people, mastering a song feels great.

#4 When the Elevator Makes it to the First Floor Without Stopping
Anyone who lives in Cluett will be able to relate to this one, or really anyone who spends a significant time in a building with multiple floors and an elevator. I live on the fifth floor, (and am very guilty of not taking the stairs much.) and nine out of ten times the elevator will stop on at least one other floor before getting to the bottom one. This continuous stopping can be a pain in the arse when I'm in a hurry or have somewhere to be or I really have to use the bathroom. (I guess it's karma for not using the stairs) Which is why those no stop rides are so exciting, I'm looking at the numbers, 5....4....3...2............1 and the door opens. Awesome!

#5 Getting the Last Muffin
This scenario applies to any restaurant/fast food place and any order. The cafes around campus have become a frequent pit stop of mine these past two months, and a raspberry yogurt muffin with an awake chocolate  or a plain bagel with white hot chocolate. Getting the last of my favorite muffin (or bagel) is definitely a highlight of my day, it's quite a fantastic feeling.

#6 Finishing a Debate Speech 
Okay so yeah this one is specific to debaters or anyone who publicly speaks. This magnificent little thing has only been added to my list since September, but it's already one of my favourites. When I've been making my points and refuting the opposite side for seven minutes, once that "AND THAT HONOURABLE SPEAKER IS WHY MY SIDE SHOULD WIN" moment comes, and I step down from the podium, I feel satisfied, accomplished and most of all....... AWESOME!!!

#7 Making or Hearing Puns
I don't have to explain this one, it's pretty straight forward. Anyone and everyone who knows me can confirm that I L-O-V-E puns. They're an important staple to my sense of humor, and I enjoy all reactions from laughter to "good one" to groaning to "Claaaaire really?" to other ones which I uhh am not going to mention here. Puns are just the best thing, no ifs, ands, or buts okay?

I can think of so many other magnificent little things, but if I was to list them all out I'd be blogging all night and your eyes would fall out of their sockets before you got to the end of the post (and me or you don't want that you need your eyes and I need my readers). So next time you're feeling down or stressed, try to remember and take time to act on or/and appreciate life's awesome things.

Comment some of your 'awesome little things' below