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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

From Blue to Purple

Before any St. Lawrencers raise an eyebrow at the title of this blog post, lemme assure you all that I'll forever be a Laurentian (pumped for soccer nationals woooo!) but when I made an intro post n Cluett's Facebook page, someone commented something along the lines of "ya bleeds blue but now you're gonna bleed purple." Which inspired me to make my first post about this new adventure.

Sunday was move in day. The fact that I was truly starting university and not going back to St. Lawrence with Mom and Mel really only hit me fully that morning. I was pretty good at keeping my fear 'low key' but I was (and still am) really more excited than scared. Mel and I went on up to my room to start unpacking, while Mom went to pick up some last minute things. My room got cozy pretty quickly, there's lots of storage space, a desk, a comfy bed, all my photos and plaques, and the most important thing...... my glorious mini fridge which has a magnet with an elephant and 'elephants never forget... that they are awesome' on it. (Yes, it was four dollars at the bookstore and no I don't think it was a waste of money). Later on in the afternoon, I finally met my roommate. Her name is Eden and she's pretty cool and easy going. Plus we seem to have a good bit in common, I think we'll become good friends. We did some exploring for the rest of the day and when Mom and Mel left; the res kids (and RAs) went to the gymnasium for Minute to Win it. The atmosphere was very exciting and spirited. I left early for Mel's birthday supper at Montana's. When that was done, I was dropped back to Cluett and got ready for my first night 'on my own'. I actually had a pretty good sleep.

The next morning was a semi early one, as there was orientation to go to. We went to the field house, and after what felt like ages of slowly moving through a registration line; Eden, Alex, Cameron and I finally got our sections and tour groups. At this point, I popped over to section A to say hi to Kyle, he's a good friend of mine. When we broke off into our tour groups, I met up with a girl in my res (who I met when I was waiting for the elevator to meet Riley for Tims) and another girl from the mainland. After that I hung around res for a bit, then we had a floor meeting. Once that was done me and a couple others went over to the west side for a jam sesh.

Tuesday started with having breakfast with Molly and Jeremy at Tims. Then Molly and I ran errands around campus for the rest of the day. When the clock struck supper time, I went out to the Clarke's for food, Uncle Pat and Aunt Judy's cooking never disappoints. I hung out with them for a while, then back to res I went.

Which brings me to today, my first day of classes (which I may make another post). I haven't been living in Cluett long but feel welcome and I already feel like I belong here.

So thanks for the years SLA Blues, it's been great and I wouldn't change a thing about our time together.

Cluett Hall Rams, I'm pumped and ready for what's looking like a fantastic year, and I'm more than honoured to be wearing purple.

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