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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Claire's Noteworthy Music Festival Survival Tips

This past weekend Mel, Allison and I (along with the rest of the famjam) went to Lewisporte for the Mussel Bed Soiree. It was a fantastic weekend overall, but the concert Saturday was the highlight. It featured a couple artists including Tom Cochrane, Walk Off the Earth, and Simple Plan.

Here's the truth about music festivals, and the kinds of people you will see; coming from my experiences.

#1 Food

At festivals, there's usually a portion of the venue saved for lots (and lots and lots and lots and lots) of vendor carts. Carts with slogans like "Fastest meat on the street." (Yes that was an actual slogan, right Mel?) and unless you're so hungry that you're willing to spend three entire dollars on a BBQ hot dog and deal with the crappy aftermath, I suggest steer clear of the food altogether. Also, two dollars for a bottle of simple and plain water? Seriously? It's ridiculous.

#2 Stinky stalls

Most venues don't have washrooms, so your only relief of number one or two would be to go into a porta potty. They're probably the grossest and smelliest one person stalls of death that exist. If you do have to use one, be kind and considerate of other people. Aka, for the love of God, please don't leave a mess on the seat. When we were in line for one, we happened to discuss this very topic. The woman in front of us said "Oh I hate that too." but Mel reported back that she left a mess. Really guys, be respectful and don't be that person.

#3 Drink drank drunk 

What can I say, it's not a festival until you have a crowd of people too drunk to remember the concert; am I right????? There's people of all kinds hanging in the wet section and beer tent of the venue. Unless you want to have a drink or get so intoxicated that you don't really know what's going on, then I suggest staying to the dry section. I think watched wasted people from afar is quite entertaining. If you have minors with you, then you really have no other choice than to be in the dry section.

#4 Mother Nature is unpredictable

The weather reports cannot be fully trusted, especially in Newfoundland. If the concert is outdoors, take a sweater and rain coat. Temperatures tend to drop once the sun goes down, so a sweater will ensure that you stay comfortable. Also, nobody is happy in soaking wet clothes, a rain jacket will keep you from experiencing that. Oh oh oh! I can't forget to mention the most important item of all. Sunscreen/sunblock. It's most important in the afternoon, keep it fresh throughout the show. Sunburns really suck, no more explanation needed.

#5 Lots of pushing

As you try to make your way closer to the stage to get a better view, you're guaranteed to get pushed a lot. You have a couple of options when this scenario arises. You could be aggressive-assertive and push back, You could ask them to stop. You could do what I do and just ignore it (if you're the passive type like me). It probably won't stop the pushing, but the people around you will know how you feel about it.
Bonus tip: if you're short or accompanied by a shorter person, you'll have less trouble squeezing through a crowd, trust me.

#6 Your local Snoop Doggs

If drunks and alcohol weren't already enough, at a musical festival you're pretty much guaranteed to encounter illegal drugs and their users. Bongs and joints get passed around, and there's so much smoke that you feel like you'll get 'second hand high.' Mel and I had a nice spot ythe fence that divides the wet section and the dry section and we could smell it the whole night. A joint got over to our side, and strangers were taking puffs off it. I'm surprised our eyes weren't bloodshot at the end of the night haha. The concert was still worth the smell.

#7 PDA alert

At these events, there's always going to be at least one couple (or set of strangers, dude I don't know their relationship) who spends the whole show making out with each other (among other things but I won't get into that. You catch my drift). Now personally, I don't really care about PDA but there is such thing as too much in a period of time. There was a couple on the other side of the divider, and every time I happened to glance back, they were 'eating the faces off each other' every three minutes. I don't know if they were sober or not but c'mon, you bought the tickets to enjoy the live music.

I hope you keep my tips in mind next time you go to a music festival. I enjoy them a lot, and I'd recommend them to any music lover.
Bonus tip: Don't be afraid to get into get into the music, sing and dance as much as your heart desires.

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