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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pushing Pull Doors

There's always going to be those days where we feel the need of some comic relief. Well, luckily (or unluckily I'm not quite sure) I don't have to look farther than myself. As I have a very long list of embarrassing moments. Anyone who's around me often has probably witnessed me embarrassing myself first hand.

You know the moments where you accidentally say the wrong thing? Yeah, me too.
I'm working at the local hospital gift shop this summer, and one day during my first week a golden aged lady came in to look around. She came over to the counter and eye balled the one dollar candy bags. She said "I wish I could have some, I loved candy."
So I replied "A treat won't hurt, go ahead." Then flashed the woman a smile.
She looked back at me and said "Sweetheart I can't, I'm type 2 diabetic." She then bought her drink and left.
At that moment I wanted to duck behind counter and never come back up. Now that I look back at it, I can recover quickly and laugh at myself.

I know I'm not the only one who who has I-wanna-hide-away moments. Take my best friend Mel for example. She's had her fair amount of embarrassing moments, and she said I can share this one. Mel was at the dentist office not to long ago, and she had to fill out a form of some sort. The waiting room was very quiet and of course, having butterfingers, she dropped the clipboard. Everyone in the waiting room looked at her. If that wasn't enough, she said "Whale, whale, whale." (in reference to the whale iPhone emoji, and a pun on 'well well well'). At that time I can infer that she wanted to run out of the office, burt shortly after the dentist was ready.

One thing you learn when these 'unfortunate events' happen is to laugh at yourself, and not sweat it. Chances are, you're probably going to be the only one who will remember it (or you may forget it, unless your friends or family never let you live it down cause hey, that's what they're for.) So I'll just keep pushing that pull door.

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