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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Keeping Up with the Burkes

If you watch reality TV or not, I can infer that everyone (and their Mother) have heard of the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This past weekend, Mel, Emily and I had the pleasure of experiencing something similar live and 'irl'.

On Friday, Kenton, Emily and I went to Marystown to pick up Mel. Nothing out of the ordinary happened; it was a casual and pleasurable drive. It wasn't until Saturday, that Keeping Up with the Burkes began.

Anyone who lives in St. Lawrence will confirm that there isn't much to do around here. So, we commenced with the weekend routine of driving around the harbour. Over and over and over. After getting bored of that, Kenton drove up to Plot (the Parish hall parking lot) we hung out there for a bit, then went back to my house. Seeing that is wasn't too late, we went out on a Pokemon hunt for the rest of the night.

Saturday, Mel and I slept in a little. Okay, a bit more than a little; till noonish (oops). Not much later, the twins and Emily came to pick us up. We 'scooted' around town for another while, then decided to go to Lawn for fries and ice cream (Mel had sweet potato fries because she's so sweet). Take a guess what happened when we went back to the car? Kurtis pulled out of the lot, only to get......... A flat tire. Kurt sighed and we all piled out of the vehicle, letting the brothers change the tire. Kenton knew what he was doing and got the car jack, while Kurtis called his parents and grandparents, informing them of what happened. After what felt like forever (and Emily's unhelpful Youtube search), the twins put the dummy tire on the car. Once their Pop double checked the tire's nuts, we made our way back over the highway, not going past 60km/h. Even though we were delayed, we managed to make it back and not miss too much of the soccer game.

The next day, everything was normal again (though we couldn't carry out the original plan we had cause that darn dummy tire). Mel, Emily and I did the stereotypical St. Lawrence thing of going to a soccer game, and spent the rest of the day playing Pokemon GO.

Having something different happen in my hometown was very refreshing, and makes for a good story. It was a weekend I know I'll never forget.

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  1. Good job Claire; I csn't seem to post comments, if this one goes through it will be the fourth attempt.
    Typical day of soccer watching, eh?
    I suppose that's better than getting lost in the woods.
    Mr. Tor